Rockwool SP FireStop Slab

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The ROCKWOOL SP FireStop Slab® provides a unique lateral compression to facilitate a tight fit between substrates. As a simple to use, cut and install solution, the ROCKWOOL SP FireStop System comprises of both the SP FireStop Slab and SP FireStop fixing brackets. A medium density ROCKWOOL slab, it incorporates a foil facing to both sides which helpfully includes cutting lines to support accurate installation. Whilst resisting the passage of smoke and providing up to 2 hours fire resistance, the SP FireStop System can achieve a fire resistance rating of up to 2 hours. Protecting against both movement of +/- 3% and also acoustic loss, this ROCKWOOL product has outstanding acoustic properties, significantly reducing the levels of sound transmission through wall and floor cavities. 

  • Passive fire protection

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  • High temperature insulation

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  • Thermal insulation

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  • Acoustic insulation

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