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Protecta Service Coat FR-1 is an acrylic based intumescent coating, designed to increase the fire resistance of fire seals. It also protects cables, cable trays and metal pipes.

Service Coat FR-1 protects the cables outer plastic or rubber sheath, thereby protecting the conductors to secure continued electrical supply in a fire situation. The coating also protects and lowers temperatures in metal services passing through a fire seal, increasing the overall fire resistance.

Service Coat FR-1 is non-toxic, emission-free, durable and can be applied in a thin coat, saving both time and money. It is a hardwearing product, formulated to the highest specification and offering unsurpassed intensity of colour when applied.

The coating can be tinted, all colours are water-based and provide a smooth, rich and non-reflective finish. It usually requires no primer or top coat, is easy to use and easy to clean up.

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