Siderise NPC60 Firefloor

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Siderise (previously called Lamatherm) NPC60 Firefloor Systems slab provide a simple and cost effective method of increasing the fire resistance of a compartment timber floor for both newly constructed and existing constructions. The system comprises a close dimensioned lamella insulation slab which is constructed from a pre-compressed internal mineral fibre core and integral Class 0 aluminium foil facings. The facings act as a smoke barrier.

The slabs that are supplied for the firefloor system come in sheet form and are easy to cut on site before installing between the floors’ timber joists. They are fixed in place using brackets which are simply nailed to the joists to provide all necessary support. Four system options are available. The system selected will depend on the nature of the underlying ceiling which is fitted to the floor, and the joist centres.

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