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INSUL-PHEN Phenolic Pipe Support with aluminium facing is a closed cell insulation product focusing on achieving the hightest possible thermal insulation value.
INSUL-PHEN Phenolic Pipe Supports are available in a range of densities from 80 kg/m3 to 120 kg/m3.

Increased awareness of energy consumption is driving the construction industry to higher standards of thermal insulation.  INSUL-PHEN 40 kg/m3 excels in thermal insulation value with an aged thermal conductivity of 0.025 W/mK.

High density material such as INSUL-PHEN 80 kg/m3 and over provide high mechanical strength required for applications such as the use of Pipe Supports and other industrial applications.  INSUL-PHEN provides solutions to achieve higher insulation values at minimum thickness.

All products in the INSUL-PHEN product range have one other unique feature apart from the highest thermal insulation value and mechanical strength, its fire performance.  Independent testing concludes INSUL-PHEN has an extremely low smoke emission and does not create burning droplets.  In fire situations it will develop a carbonaceous layer on the exposed surface which protects the deeper layers of the material.

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